Disruption is often negatively regarded as a disturbance or problem, but SportsDisrupted reclaims the word to mean something deeper. We find disruption to be a positive implication for purposeful, necessary change that will empower small communities and challenge large institutions. Built on this very belief system, SportsDisrupted fosters honest, critical, and perhaps even disruptive dialogue around social issues (racism, sexism, ableism, etc.) that impact not only sport but greater society.

As a multimedia movement, SportsDisrupted embraces the power of the ever-evolving digital age to go beyond stats and plays and produce necessary, thought-provoking online content that will inspire change within the institution of sport. With an intersectional approach, SportsDisrupted works to unpack the complexities of social identities, interpersonal relationships, and the human condition by going to the source - real, authentic, everyday people. We are a collaborative space that encourages our fellow disruptors to share their true stories, challenge the dominant narratives presented in sports media and pop culture, and redefine what the game can mean for everyone. 


Through our creative works, SportsDisrupted is determined to ignite positive and necessary disruption that will transform the current culture of sports into one that fully embraces diversity, equity, and inclusivity. We also work to provide tools and resources to support the navigation of this modern-day collision of social justice and sport for it is our ultimate goal to humanize the game. This means we are pushing all stakeholders, from the fans to the athletes to the professionals, out of their comfort zone in hopes of awakening a spirit of activism in those who truly love the game.


Our Nonprofit Plan

In 2023, we are returning to our local community roots as a nonprofit organization in New York City!

Continuing our work towards a transformative sports culture that puts humanity before athleticism, we will provide support and resources for all marginalized stakeholders (fans, athletes, and professionals) to successfully navigate sport, live enriched lives, and build healthy, inclusive communities. Currently, we are developing a unique and comprehensive digital platform composed of educational tools, innovative programming, and accessible media services that will nurture our young disruptors' commitment to social change on and off the field. With the goal to always empower future athletic superstars to be 'more than athletes' and cultivate their own true stories, we believe humanity can be restored in not only sport but society as a whole.



Our Mission


Our Vision

We encourage the self-advocacy of marginalized fans, athletes, and industry professionals by providing educational resources, media production training, and innovative programming that will allow them to reclaim, craft, and share their stories in hopes of inspiring a more humane and welcoming sports world.

A world where all stakeholders in sport prioritize humanity before athleticism, promote intersectional social justice on and off the playing field, and fully embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.



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Some of Sydney’s fondest childhood memories trace back to sport - whether it was her channeling her inner Candace Parker (Lady Vols era) while shooting hoops in her backyard or sitting in the nosebleeds with her family to watch Serena Williams play at the U.S. Open or being gifted the jersey of Pittsburgh Penguin’s captain Sidney Crosby on her 16th birthday which is coincidentally shared with Mr. 87. These are the moments, along with so many more, that cultivated Sydney’s love for the game and even led her to transfer colleges so she could specifically major in Sport Media. 


Now with a Bachelor’s from Ithaca College (where she also double minored in Education Studies and Sport Studies), Sydney has decided to take an unconventional path and embrace a much bigger purpose than just working in the sports industry. Instead, Sydney has become more determined to use her diverse set of skills and talents to disrupt the sports world.


As a Black woman who has been an athlete, fan, and sports professional at one time or another, Sydney has navigated the complexities of social justice and identity politics throughout her life and sport. Her personal experiences of discrimination and injustice prove how broken and corrupt the social institution of sport is and are a reflection of a much larger issue - the lack of humanity we have for one another. Whether it is being called racial slurs on Twitter for simply liking a particular hockey team or sitting in a suffocating sea of privileged white maleness in most of her college classes or having staff members at a major media company make uncomfortable comments daily about her box braids during an internship - Sydney has been forced to realize that her simple presence in most, if not all, sports arenas is a disruption. And as she’s become even more aware and outspoken about racism and sexism that exists across the institution, she has felt even greater isolation and misunderstanding. Instead of allowing her unfortunate experiences to destroy her passion for sport, Sydney has become even more determined to embrace the disruption, redefine the narrative, and bring humanity back into sport. SportsDisrupted has become a reclamation of power as it has allowed the creation of bonds with fellow disruptors who also refuse to be silenced and shunned. Sydney believes that SportsDisrupted will become the global platform that honors the untold experiences of marginalized people in sport.


Now at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Sydney is finding a multidisciplinary way to combine her varying interests in media literacy, Black feminist theory, and cultural anthropology to explore how social movements led by Black female athletes-activists in the new digital age are impacting the identity formation of Black female youth. Following the completion of her graduate program, she looks to continue her academic endeavors by obtaining her MBA and later her Ph.D. in Sport Management. Afterward, Sydney hopes to fulfill her dream of being a college professor and in the coming years will launch a social impact consulting firm that advises sports-related entities on their communication practices and DEI initiatives. 

If you are interested in collaborating or helping build the movement in any way, you can contact Sydney through our contact page or dm us @sportsdisrupted.

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